Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine!

Sukuna Ryomen, a 1000 year old specialized demon who is very powerful and is often labeled as the "King of Curses". Although he is considered a villain, I'm sure many of us simp for this man right here, that's right. This might be due to the fact that he is voiced by a voice actor that is very well known for his lazy sexy voice: Junichi Suwabe. Domain Expansion is a very powerful technique, and for Sukuna's version it creates a shrine piled with skulls. Its maximum radius is

Stand proud, you are strong.

Everyone knows Sukuna Ryomen, a demon who resides in high school student Itadori Yuji's body. It all started when Yuji swallowed a cursed finger, yes a finger. However, what makes Sukuna so popular is due to his voice actor Junichi Suwabe, known as the voice actor with one of the sexiest voice. *wink wonk* Many go crazy for Sukuna, but Yuji also has a very precious and adorable side to him, mainly known as the baby in the anime. Hence here I present you the 2 sides that go pe